about me

An engineer who got fascinated about human mind and body

Holding a background in engineering gives me the edge of revealing how proper breathing enhances the efficiency, sustainability, and energy-saving characteristics of the body and mind. 

Living in the era of advanced technology has led us to so many mind-blowing discoveries, better facilities, and better luxuries, but at the same it has dramatically changed our life-styles being inactive, and affected the balance of our physical and mental health. We have been too much involved in the development of technology, high-tech and robot life; that we have forgotten our human bodies and breath as the most amazing, developed, equipped and efficient machine and tool which are able to do much more than we think. 

During my workshops and coaching we are going to engage in simple, effective & highly joyful tools to explore the wisdom of balance in our lives and restoring the nature of our body-mind connection.

Training, certificates
and work experiences

Wim Hof Method Instructor

Breatheology Instructor

hale Breath Guide

NLP Master practitioner

(Neuro-Linguistic Programming)

Work history

Educator of Red Cross in the field of Health and Stress Management

Supervisor of Integration Social Centers

Technical Researcher in the field of Energy Technology




"His teaching was a profound experience. I’ve never known anything to have such an effect so fast. Mahdi's breathwork classes had so many positive reactions from people. He is kind, patient and a wonderful teacher. He has a gift that I absolutely recommend you need to experience in your life. Thank you Mahdi, the world needs people like you right now and always."

Lee Smith
Apricity Hypnotherapy
& Coaching

"I had the absolute priviledge of meeting the beautiful soul Mahdi and being part of his cold exposure and breath work sessions out in Barcelona. He has helped me ‘breath again’, he helped me understand my mind-body connection to a deeper level and has opened my eyes to a way of connecting with myself and others. I cannot recommend working with Mahdi enough, his energy is unmatched, he makes you feel at ease and brings such positivity and life to everything he does. Thank you again Mahdi for everything."

Bec Symonds
Mindset coach

"I am not someone who has taken easily to meditation and have often found my chatty mind difficult to quieten... Until now.
Breath-work with Mahdi has been a total game changer taking me to a deeper, more easily accessible and amazing level of meditation. I had tried a few breathing techniques before but nothing as powerful as this... And yet so simple to do. Amazing!"

Anne Burton
NLP trainer, coach, author

"You’ll understand when you meet him just what I mean when I say there’s no-one like Mahdi. He’s inspiring, soulful, calming…his breath-work brought me such clarity and peace but being around such a kind, loving man makes you believe there is a better way to be. I saw many ‘breakthroughs’ during Mahdi’s sessions. The world needs a Mahdi - I’m very lucky he is now in mine. You will be too."

Georgia Davies

"I did an online breathwork session with Mahdi earlier this year, which was phenomenal. I've found breathwork difficult in the past, but Mahdi guided it in such a way that it felt easy. It took me to places I’ve never been before, tranquil and at peace, the breath holds brought things up I didn’t know was there, the release I felt after every session was truly amazing. If you're thinking about doing some breath-work and connecting deeper to yourself, Mahdi is the one to go to, it’s the best experience I’ve ever had and I can’t wait to do more breath-work with him in future. Mahdi is a truly incredible being with a very special gift."

Laura Sylvester

"There are not enough words to describe this incredible man. Mahdi is such a wise, knowledgeable, kind and truly charismatic person. He inspires every single person he meets. I was very intrigued by breath-work and was so lucky to be taught by what can only be one of the best. Madhi’s passion is truly contagious and he gently and always smilingly supports everyone to find their own rhythm and be a little bit more daring each time. Breath-work (with Mahdi) is truly incredible and such a powerful and natural tool."

Veronique Mertes
Clinical hypnotherapist, Psychotherapist